दस्तावेज विस्तरणक्षमता तरीके आवश्यकत पुष्टिकर्ता चिदंश अपनि अधिकार सभीकुछ विकासक्षमता लोगो नवंबर


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हमेहो। प्रसारन जाने मुक्त दौरान सोफ़्टवेर प्रौध्योगिकी बाधा हीकम संपादक दस्तावेज तरीके ७०है विश्व

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SCHLIX CMSThis is a  SCHLIX CMS installation with "Newspaper/Magazine" sample data. You can use this as a basic Bootstrap 4 template for creating generic newspaper or magazine website. This sample data has the following features:

    • Blog - customized to have a newspaper layout
    • Multiple office branches
    • Template with and without custom header
    • Customizable login/registration page (including email message, etc). Please note that user registration feature is DISABLED by default, you have to enable it manually from the configuration
    • etc

We have provided very basic design templates that you can easily modify or extend for your own purpose. To override the template, simply go to your sub-site theme directory (e.g. /web/{subsitename}/themes/beritanews/apps) and customize the files. To get more functionalities on this website, go to the Admin section, click the launcher, then click Extensions Gallery and download more extensions. Please read the documentation and if you have any questions, simply post your question in the forum.

Note: there's a different "Company Profile" sample data with different features shown on the demo (e.g. slideshow, gallery, etc) as you can see in Simply choose "Company Profile" as the sample data during install, or if you want to start fresh from scratch for production purpose suse the "No Sample Data" during installation. If you want to see more features of SCHLIX, click the Feature Tests.

Some puzzles for you:

  • Some of the newspaper category pages have a different layout (e.g. News / Lifestyle / Art) vs Economy (as linked at the top menu). Can you find out why and where to change it?
  • How do you combine other functionalities such as Twitter Card, OpenGraph, comment box, chat feature, analytics, etc?
  • Which button should you click to edit an article from the frontend?
  • How should an editor redirect an article from an old site from within SCHLIX without using .htaccess?
  • How do you create a block (widget) that displays related articles based on tags and place it at the bottom of each one on item view?
  • How do you change the user interface language to a different language?
  • Where can you change the default orange/yellow banner image on the Feature Tests/Tips and Tricks pages?
  • How to disable search engine from indexing the site during the development? (hint: it's on the first page that you see in to the admin section)
  • How do you change the editor to use a code-based editor instead of the default WYSIWYG editor?
  • How do you change the social media icons below?